Every mold manufactured by Technitool is constantly monitored for quality during the whole manufacturing process. We offer sample testing of each mold for production evaluation. We use only the highest grade of materials. Quality is the foundation of Technitool. It is not enough to inspect for quality, we build it in.

We are committed to providing the highest quality injection mold produced in the industry. Our reputation confirms this. We stand behind every product we manufacture. A dedication to excellence is encouraged in every employee. No compromises, no short-cuts, no trade offs.

Design, Quality, Manufacturing and Mold Sampling


Every professional molder knows that a properly designed and constructed mold is the key to a successful operation. There is no substitute! The most sophisticated processing equipment available cannot overcome shortcuts or errors in design and manufacture of the mold. At Technitool we combine the skill of master craftsmen along with the most recent technological advances of the day. We continue to add machines and personnel to strengthen our organization. With a total hands-on attitude, Technitool is a company built by experts and staffed by dedicated employees who are encouraged to add their knowledge and expertise.

Mold Sampling

When mold sampling is your choice. we can accommodate you by sampling the mold right at our facility. We encourage you to be present to inspect the final test run of your mold. Upon your approval, delivery of the mold will be made. This is just another quality service offered by Technitool.